When the Sun kises the beautiful cheek of sky
And say to her in a lovely tone , Good bye,
She blushes and put a gentle smile
And waiting for him to end his exile.

She closes her teary eye
Everything else just passes by,
Suddenly world appears gloomy and dark
She became lifeless without any spark.

The wait seems endless
with agony and pain ,
But only in suffering
We have most profound gain.

She understood everything is temporary
And desire causes misery ,
To live free in each moment
Is life ultimate summary.

An insightful smile comes back
And she opens her eye ,
First ray of incoming sun
Touches the feet of sky.

Nishant Choubey ‘Agyani’

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Hi! I am Nishant Choubey and I have created this blog to share my views through poetry, art and words.

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