Hi ! I am Nishant Choubey , A chemical engineer by profession and an artist by passion. Currently I am working as a Manager in BPCL and if I am not in office I dedicate my time to write poetry, read books , sketches and think about this life.

This Blog is an attempt to put all my work in a place so that I can share my views to the world and if I succeed in enhancing a single person life or feeling then my purpose of creating this blog will be fulfilled. As you know it is not about what you get, it is about what you give.

जो तुझमे है समाया
मुझमे भी वही बसा है ,
अपने ह्रदय के अंश से
उसने ही मुझे रचा है |

कौन हूँ मैं ? यह
पता न मुझे चला है ,
मगर खुद की खोज में
कदम ये आगे बढ़ा है |